Deague Group HQ

Location: Southbank
Renders: Felix Filbert

Engaged by the Deague Group to conceptualise a head office space that not only captured the spirit and ethos of their family run business but also heralded the next chapter in this company’s history, the Deague Group HQ shines brightly as the crowning jewel of 101 Moray. 360-degree balconies frame this incredible location, which required dedicated workspaces alongside more flexible, transitional spaces for entertaining and collaboration. Custom furniture pieces and natural stone detailing speak to the impeccable detail that the Deague Group have displayed over their 160-year history. Providing a stage for their extensive collection of art to be enjoyed was another key factor when considering the design and experience of this space. When you enter, you are met with a sophisticated elegance, a refined and considered palette, a visual narrative that showcases this company’s core values and beliefs.

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