Collingwood Medical

Architecture:SJB Architects
Interior Design:McCluskey Studio
Developer:Pace Developments
Builder:EJB Holdings
Photography:Derek Swalwell
Art Direction & Styling:Neighbourhood PS

Situated in the dynamic and culturally vibrant heart of Collingwood, Collingwood Medical strives to deliver a state-of-the-art medical centre experience focused squarely on the wellbeing of its staff and patients. Spanning across two levels, the medical centre interior takes its cues from the architectural form of the building in which it resides. As the lift doors open the green detail that weaves its way down the exterior of the building re-emerges in the form of a deep green natural stone, anchoring the practice in the reception area and immediately delivering a sense of calm and relief. The neutral palette is set against more industrial forms, speaking directly to the history of its context. Curved walls lead you to treatment rooms that are wrapped by natural light, drawing the eye out and across the skyline. This space allows you to breath, to think and consider, before you re-enter the hustle and bustle of the world waiting below.

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